It all began a long time ago with a Big Bang.  About 14 billion years later Jeremy Macy was born on a small blue planet in the Milky Way Galaxy, orbiting a main sequence yellow dwarf star, on a piece of rock called America, in a state called Oklahoma, in a hospital that is now the City of Moore Board of Education Building.  Home for Jeremy is Norman, Oklahoma.

Jeremy’s education was an elaborate array of experiments and adventures.  He started out at an itty-bitty independent school district called Robin Hill where he learned that 6’s did not look like 8’s.  He did not stay there very long.  By his Kindergarten Christmas he was attending a Baptist school in Moore.   After third grade it was time for public school.  Fourth through twelfth were spent in Norman.  Jeremy graduated from Norman High School in 1995.

Jeremy wanted to go to college as far away from home as he could get.  He didn’t get all that far though. There was a bit about learning to be an independent adult to do first.  The next four years were spent at a small college in Chickasha, Oklahoma called the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma (USAO).  It was only an hour’s drive down Highway 9 from his parent’s home in Norman.  Jeremy got his degree in Fine Arts: emphasis in painting with a minor in Psychology in 1999.

After college Jeremy moved back to Norman.

Jeremy is well traveled. He told his daddy, when he was seven, that he wanted to see all 50 states before he graduated from high school, while on a trip to see dinosaur footprints in Texas.  Mom & Dad took young Jeremy up on this challenge & Jeremy & his sister, Jami did see all 50 states before graduating from high school.  Jeremy and his family also have been to many Canadian provinces & spent an afternoon across the border in Mexico.  In recent years Jeremy also traveled to Great Britain with two of his BFFs; three if you count a small teddy bear named George, after USAO’s first college president, George Austin.  Then there was a trip with the same friends + one to see Roswell and Carlsbad Caverns.  This past year the Fam went to see one of the last Space Shuttle launches (Endeavour) in Florida.

The story continues to unfold as we speak...

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